11 September 2008 11:08 AM

Dalton Sherman

by Dr. Rick

Remember the name Dalton Sherman. Take a look at this young wonder as he addresses teachers at the Dallas Independent School District's back-to-school convocation recently. He reminds us of the importance of believing in our youngsters, of being there for them, of preparing them for the future. He shows us that they need us to guide them, to be the strong, nurturing adults they can rely on, and not to dismiss them or any of their friends and classmates. We adults frequently say the right words, but he's the embodiment of those words, the reason why teaching is still the most important, the most future-oriented job in the world. Dalton convinces us that we adults need youngsters just as much as they need us. Remember him. In the future, he'll be leading us, ministering to us, asking us for votes. But for now, let him inspire us as only children can.




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