14 May 2009 03:53 PM

Sylvan Learning Products - Part 2

by Dr. Rick
Summer is right around the corner!  Lately, I have received a lot of questions concerning how to keep learning alive over summer vacation.  

You’ve seen my blog from April 30 about “Preparing Children for Summer Camp,” and you’ll read later this month about hobbies kids can enjoy during the summer and the rest of the year.


This week, I’ll be in Shanghai, China, presenting at the international conference of AdvancED/CITA, the parent association of agencies that accredit tens of thousands of schools and learning centers around the world - probably in your own neighborhood.  (They accredit Sylvan Learning.)  I’m going to be speaking about the importance of keeping children and their needs at the top of our minds as we improve schools, learning centers, and other educational organizations in our own country and internationally.  This will be my first trip to Asia, and I’m eager to meet educators from all over the world, to gain some of their wisdom, to learn from their experiences, to share some ideas, and, of course, to see our amazing host city and country.


I’ll tell you about my experiences when I return.  While I’m gone, I’m leaving the Dr. Rick Blog in good hands.


I am proud to introduce a well-known “mommy blogger” who will provide her firsthand input about summer learning activities.  Kimberly is the mother of two children, a daughter and a son, and “mom” to four cats and a dog.  In addition to owning her own business in New York City, Everyday-Occasions, she is a freelance writer and photographer, Review Editor of Cool Baby Kid and creator of www.SheScribes.com, a premiere mom-focused blog concerning family activities.


To continue from my May 11 blog, I have a few questions for Dr. Rick. My most important question would be “How do you get your child interested and excited about school?” My son doesn’t like to go to school for some reason. We try and get him excited about all the wonderful things he is learning in school and all the fun things he gets to do, but so far that hasn’t worked for us. Do you have any suggestions?


Another question I have is “Are there any fun ways to help your child to develop better study habits?” Both of my children really need to develop better study habits. Even though our daughter is an Honor Roll student she still can use better study habits. Dr. Rick, do you have any suggestions?


Lastly, I would love to know what Dr. Rick thinks about sibling rivalry. My daughter is an Honor Roll student and does exceptionally well in school where as my son struggles to get good grades. I know that he feels bad that his sister gets better grades then he does. What does Dr. Rick suggest that we do so that our son does let our daughter’s good grades affect his self esteem?


As a reminder, as summer break is right around the corner and now is a great time to get your kids excited about fun, learning activities.


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