27 January 2009 03:02 PM

Building School Confidence Part 2

by Dr. Rick

My blog on Tuesday highlighted the need for students to have self-confidence.


I’d like to continue my Top Ten Tips to kick start self-confidence.


6.     Evaluate your goals periodically.  How are you doing?  Be realistic with yourself.  Celebrate your successes.  Determine to improve where you need to improve.

7.    Do “positive self-talk.”  When you need it, talk to yourself to remind yourself of your achievements, good efforts, progress toward your goals, and all the things you’ve done to improve your grades.  It’s helpful to keep a journal or informal log to keep track of these things.  Read it to remind yourself of your good efforts, especially when you’re feeling down.


8.   Watch your body language.  How do you present yourself to the world?  See yourself as others see you.  Do you make eye contact when you’re talking with others?  Do you show respect and interest by listening carefully and responding?  Do you speak calmly and thoughtfully?  Or do you mumble, look at your shoes, pay little attention, and talk only about yourself?  The Golden Rule always works.  Always.


9.   Be yourself.  Who else could you be?  Accept who you are, but keep improving  to make you the best you you can be!


10. Stay committed.  Don’t give up.  Persevere.  As you begin to notice small but steady improvements in your grades, your skills and knowledge, the quality of the friends you hang out with, your behavior, your confidence, make sure you acknowledge them, congratulate yourself, and let yourself savor them for a few moments.  Feel proud.  Feel grateful.  These moments will sustain you, and they’ll become more frequent.


Remember, you have the ability to improve your confidence.  Don’t give that power to others.  Protect it, develop it, acknowledge it, appreciate it, and share it with others.  Success breeds success.  That’s a promise.


What have you done to improve your self-confidence?  Share your success stories with us.  We’d love to hear.  Just click on “comment” and tell us what worked for you.




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