13 January 2009 04:23 PM

Forgotten Math for Parents

by Dr. Rick

Math, as we’ve noted many times in this blog, is the one school subject that parents seem to struggle with more than any other subject at homework time.  Many blog entries during the past year have dealt with math.

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Here’s another.

This one is written by one of my colleagues, Kathy Zimovan, an executive director and franchisee of several Sylvan Learning Centers in South Carolina.  As the mother of four children ranging in ages from nine to eighteen, she experiences both sides of the homework battle on a regular basis.  She has more than twenty years of teaching experience in grades K-8.  She is also a member of the South Carolina Department of Education’s Supplemental Service Advisory Board, which works to ensure quality and accountability standards in supplemental educational programs provided by the state.

Here’s Kathy, our guest blogger for today.

Forgotten Math for Parents

A big struggle for many parents and middle school students is homework.  Parents and students have busy schedules and homework time is not a favorite for either.  Many parents want to help their children with homework, but, when they make the time to sit down and work with their child on math homework, they do not feel comfortable with their own skill level or have simply forgotten many key math concepts that are necessary for success. This in turn causes both parents and students to be frustrated.

Sylvan Learning has designed an innovative new, free math seminar for parents of middle school students to help them refresh their math skills.

This interactive, 90-minute seminar -"Forgotten Math for Parents” – will be given nationwide at Sylvan Learning centers beginning this month and is designed to help parents gain confidence in assisting their children with their homework by reviewing many of the key math concepts that are introduced in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Parents move from station to station and are able to choose the math area they need to review in order to make homework time more manageable for the whole family.  Whether it is learning how to use a graphing calculator or brushing up on exponents, linear equations or fractions, there will be a station to fit your family’s homework needs. Additionally, each parent will be given a skill summary sheet for use at home as well as tips detailing where to find educational resources to help your child conquer his or her math homework.

We believe that having students ready to face the challenges of algebra is key to their future success.  In order for that to happen, the support of parents in the early stages of algebra is necessary.

Take the time to refresh your skills and help your child achieve success now so he or she can be successful in high school math and open the door to lifelong success.

To learn how you can participate in a free “Forgotten Math for Parents” workshop, contact your neighborhood Sylvan Learning or visit SylvanLearning.com.




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