4 November 2008 09:14 AM

Balancing School & Social Life (Part 1)

by Dr. Rick

For any student, keeping their grades up, their goals met, their extracurricular responsibilities tended to, and their daily assignments completed seems like a major enough chore for any student. But when you add balancing a social life with all of this, it can seem like an impossibility. What to do? Here are some tips for parents and educator to give to students to help balance it all:


  1. Plan. I know, it sounds weird to “plan” your social life, but how do you suppose successful, busy people keep their obligations and still manage to have more fun than you do? They plan! School planning comes first, naturally. After you’ve made commitments to your academics, then you can give yourself plenty of opportunities to decompress and socialize with friends. Keep a planner or organizer. Show your parents and teachers that you’re sticking to your plan. Let your improving study habits and grades be the proof.
  2. Get your work done early. Finishing early will give you more time for socializing and less stress. Work toward that free time. You’ll value it more.
  3. Have a “study buddy.” You’ve heard me say this many times before. Having a friend with the same motivations and needs you have will be greatly helpful when it comes to completing assignments, studying for tests, and completing long-range assignments.
  4. Don’t forget extracurricular activities. These special interest groups, teams, clubs, and organizations are a special hybrid of the academic and social. You’ll not only learn new skills and gain valuable experience, but you’ll make new and lasting friendships.
  5. Hang out with the right people. Surround yourself with friends with similar goals and interests, people who take school seriously and who challenge you to be your best. Coordinate your free time together. Life’s too short to waste it on “friends” who pull you down. 

Later this week, I’ll go over a few other tips for balancing school and a social life…




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