5 June 2008 01:11 PM

Welcome to Dr. Rick's Blog!

by Dr. Rick
Hi there – My name is Richard E. Bavaria. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been around the education block a bit and have experienced many things in this fulfilling field and life in general. I’ve been a teacher, tutor, school system administrator and a public speaker. Some even call me an “expert” when it comes to education (but that makes me blush).

You’re not going to find one type of blog post here. I am going to write about all things education from my past, the present and the future. You can expect hot topics of the day, my travels, my memories in the school system, my hopes for education in the future, my experiences as a tutor and anything else that involves education. I am passionate about the field of education and I want teachers, students and parents alike to feel the same way. My ultimate goal is for students to receive exemplary educations. If in some way, my posts here influence that, then I’ve done my job.

Disclaimer (because I have to): This blog is for the good of education, for students, for teachers and for parents, so I welcome and encourage your comments. However, I expect the same respect in your comments that I present in my blog. Please, no profanities, no derogatory rants, no name calling.

I am excited about this new adventure. My life has been filled with so many experiences it’s hard to believe I’m about to embark on a completely new one. Please come back and visit soon (I have a lot to say!).

Dr. Rick


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This blog is for the good of education - for students, for teachers and for parents. I very much value a two-way communication with you and welcome and encourage your comments and feedback. However, to facilitate a constructive conversation that is beneficial to everyone in this online community, I expect the same respect in your comments that I present in my blog.

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